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The numbers shown here are incomplete results for Lamar County only. The paragraph below each race summarizes the state reporting at the time listed. REPUBLICAN BALLOT: Governor: Casey Cagle: 452 Brian Kemp: 1191 Statewide: KEMP PROJECTED WINNER at 8:50 p.m. with 69% of the vote with 58% of precincts statewide reporting. Lt. Governor: Geoff Duncan: 744 David Shafer: 827 Statewide: Duncan had 50.23% at 9:20 p.m. Secretary of State: David Belle Isle: 493 Brad Raffensperger: 1038 Statewide: Raffensperger had 62.27% at 9 p.m. DEMOCRATIC BALLOT: State School Superintendent: Sid Chapman: 89 Otha E. Thornton Jr.: 60 Statewide: Thornton had 59.47% at 9 p.m. LINK INSIDE FOR STATEWIDE RESULTS PAGE… Visit

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