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Forensic anthropologist called in on death case

By Walter Geiger Although the cause of death may be suicide, a forensic anthropologist has been called in to examine the body of Peter David Field which was found on a backhoe at his home September 15. Field worked for MARTA in Atlanta and had not been heard from since August 24. A coworker, Kim Goodman, called the Lamar sheriff’s office and asked that a welfare check be done. Sgt. Shane Moore went to the Field residence at 1252 City Pond Road just after 10 a.m. He found Field’s car in the yard and lights on on the porch and inside the home. The back door was unlocked and Moore entered but found no one. While searching the yard, he came upon what he described in his report as ‘what appeared to be a human skeleton’ in the seat of a backhoe 40 feet behind the home. Lamar County coroner Jim Smith described the body as being ‘badly decomposed’ and said animals had gotten to the upper torso. A .22 caliber rifle with a spent shell in the chamber was found on the backhoe. Field’s body was taken to the GBI crime lab for autopsy. Smith said the GBI has called in a forensic anthropologist to examine the remains in an attempt to determine the cause of death. According to tax records, Field owned about 40 acres and was working on remodeling the home on the land.

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