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Foul-mouthed B’ville woman punches cop, goes to jail

Will Davis Monroe County Reporter Deputies say a foul-mouthed Barnesville woman threatened them and cursed them out before punching one deputy in the face as she was arrested and charged with two counts of obstruction on July 17. Cassie Lynn Franklin, 32, was also charged with giving a false name, criminal trespass, making terroristic threats and public intoxication. At about 11:10 p.m., Dep. Kevin Williams went to a Boxankle Road home about a suspicious vehicle. Williams saw a man, identified as Archie Stephen Allen, and woman, identified as Michelle Fayaway Gray Jensen, walking south on Boxankle Road. He asked the couple if they were okay. They said their truck ran out of gas just north of where Williams spotted them. Neither Allen nor Jensen had a license on them, but they identified themselves for Williams. While Williams was speaking with the couple, dispatchers notified him that someone had just broken the window on the couple’s truck, which had been left on the side of the road. Williams and the couple returned to the scene where they saw another man, identified as Alan Blackwell, and woman standing in the driveway of a Boxankle Road home and another woman, later identified as Cassie Lynn Franklin, hiding in a bush beside the driveway. Williams saw someone had broken the extended cab window of the truck. There was also a rock sitting on the truck’s seat along with chards of glass from that window. Williams asked Blackwell what had happened, and he pointed at the woman still standing in the shrubbery and said she had grabbed a rock and walked toward the truck. Blackwell told Williams he turned his head for a split second when he heard glass shattering. He said when he looked back at the truck, Franklin was standing in the shrubbery beside the truck. Williams then met with Franklin, who said she was not trying to hide but instead was searching for a branch. Williams recognized Franklin, but she insisted her name was “Angela” instead. He also noticed Franklin had a strong odor of alcohol on her, but she denied she had been drinking. Williams asked Franklin why the truck window was broken, and Franklin answered she didn’t know, saying she was trying to move the truck out of the road for the owners to keep it from being towed. At this point, Williams asked Franklin a question using her real last name, and she answered to it. Franklin then became enraged when Williams tried to handcuff her. She said to the deputy: “Motherf——, I am not going to jail tonight, so don’t put your f—— hands on me b—-.” Williams asked Franklin to quit fighting, but she continued. Once he got the handcuffs on Franklin, she refused to walk to his patrol car, so he pulled her. He then had physically to put her in his car because she refused to sit down. Once inside the car, Franklin kicked Williams in the leg before he could close the doors. Franklin then rolled down the window and opened the door. Sgt. Kirk Seckinger then arrived at the scene to assist. Seckinger pled with Franklin to get back into the patrol car, but to no avail. The deputies again placed her back in the car, where she began kicking the rear glass and roof. While en route to the Monroe County Jail, Franklin was extremely hostile to Williams, cursing at him several times and telling him she planned to kill him when she got out of jail because he ruined her college career. Then, at about 1:35 a.m. on July 18, Sgt. Maddox ordered Franklin to go into her holding cell at the jail. Franklin said she refused to enter until Maddox said “please.” When she again refused his orders, Maddox and Dep. Dumas then tried to force her into the cell, at which point she punched Maddox in the mouth with a closed fist. Maddox hit Franklin back and grabbed her arms as she continued to resist. The deputies finally closed the cell door, but Franklin continued cursing and calling them names.

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