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Francis Patrick Guthrie

Francis Patrick Guthrie passed away at 4pm on Thursday April 4, 2019. A true showman, leader, and fearless business man will be missed by his two daughters, whom he named his first circus after, Julia Guthrie Hann & Becky Guthrie, his true love and wife, Pamela Whiteman Guthrie and his brothers Ray & John Guthrie; plus his grandsons Samuel Benjamin Hann & Andrew Francis Hann.  Pat held many titles; he was named the youngest showman by Billboard Magazine as the youngest and one of the original 16 members of the Gibtown club as a show owner at age 21, given the rank of Colonel by the state of Kentucky, in addition to the nickname ‘The Wheel Man’ by Carnival Magazine because when no one was left to tear down the wheel he said ‘I can do it’ and he did! Pat did everything he wanted to do and never let obstacles get in the way; he would say ‘if it was easy everyone would be doing it!’ His calloused and sunburned left arm is a badge of honor for the miles and memories on the road building Guthrie Shows, Great American Guthrie Carnival Company, Jules & Beck Combined Big Top Circus, Gribble Bros. Trucking, the Country Store, a Mail Box Etc, Jules & Beck Carnival.  He started with Gold Medal Shows and named his last show in its memory. He is remembered and his legacy will continue thru the many people he lifted up with generosity and tough teachings. We are proud to be his daughters and thankful for having him as a father he taught us to do what we love and never give up! As a showman he did it all, booked the route, wired the generator, drove the truck, put up the circus tent, worked the elephants, and tore down the Ferris wheel and  loved it!  Recently, he enjoyed his classic cars, playing cowboy out West, and watching the waves in the water out his window! He said it perfectly’¦ ‘I have done everything I want to do’.  Catholic Services and Mass will be held at 1 p.m. May 10 at St. Peter The Rock Catholic Church in Thomaston.  Please email stories, photos and other memories to and his website will be updated (

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