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Frigid temps call for drastic measures

When the temperature gets below 20 degrees, Marvin Alspach runs an extension cord to his pump house and plugs in an electric heater to keep the water tank from freezing. ”I used to watch the electric meter to see if it went faster when I plugged the extension cord in,” Alspach said. “Now I have a new digital meter and that doesn’t show the same results.” Needing to know if the heater was still operating ‘“ and not wanting to open the door to let the freezing wind in ‘“ he got an 18 inch funnel used to put transmission fluid into a vehicle. ”I got down on my hands and knees and put the funnel to my ear,” he said. “I could hear the heater very well ‘“ but I’m glad the neighbors couldn’t see me. They might think I had a real problem. Listening to an inert object isn’t quite normal.” It worked, though. Alspach explains that the unusual hearing aid is needed since he put four inches of insulation in his pump house, which cut the noise from both the pump and the heater.

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