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From a Lawmans Perspective

No one got individual credit, but everyone got credit for clearing the recent murder case in Lamar County. Friday morning, a man’s murderer was unknown and no one wanted credit; only the satisfaction of getting the job done. Clearing a criminal case requires coordination between many agencies and offices. Calling in the GBI at the start of the investigation with their crime scene unit and trained, professional crime scene investigators pay huge dividends. They come, stay on the scene, find, collect, process and maintain the chain of custody of the evidence. They interview and interrogate witnesses and suspects. Evidence gathered will be sent to the crime lab for additional processing and forensic evaluation. When we try the case they will be there with Lamar County investigators. By adding their resources to augment our own we get the synergy of additional investigators. With our own coordinating issues as the case goes through the judicial process we can be sure that we get the best for Lamar County. We have the resources of the Department of Corrections at our disposal. They bring tracking dogs and personnel who are tenacious in their desire to apprehend the suspect. They were invaluable as we searched the entire area, assisting in locating evidence, one item at a time, until we had enough to charge the suspect with murder. Our district attorney’s office was on the scene along with all the others with singleness of purpose, offering advice and counsel, assisting in the long search, stayed until the suspect was charged. Cooperation with the office of the DA will assure we get the most effective prosecution. The Barnesville police department was on the scene all during the investigation, participating in the search, notifying and reassuring residents of what was happening, controlling traffic and interviewing witnesses. Spalding County sent their helicopter twice and offered other assistance. Upson and Butts County sheriffs and the Gordon and Milner police offered assistance as needed. I was extremely proud of our own investigators and patrol deputies as they systematically and dogmatically worked the case and of the way they assembled the resources to effectively identify the suspect. It was a cooperative effort by everyone there and the suspect was in jail in less than 12 hours. The only motive anyone had was getting the job done. No one cared about the credit. That’s the kind of law enforcement we will have in Lamar County. Thanks to all the professionals who got the job done. NOTE: The preceding article was written by Sheriff Larry Waller

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