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Frustrated by secrecy surrounding COVID-19? You should read this

Weeks ago, as coronavirus started to spread, newspaper journalists began sounding the alarm about secrecy among government officials and public and private health administrators regarding just how many cases of the virus had been detected in Georgia, how it was spreading and where the hot spots were. The twice daily DPH case counts are a distraction at best or farcical at worst. If you get COVID-19 and recover, you remain listed as a confirmed case. If you die, you remain a confirmed case. There has been no effort made to tally how many of people have recovered and moved on with their lives. That said, they are the best (only) numbers available to journalists and are widely reported. The big hospital and nursing home chains have been even more secretive, hiding behind HIPPA and other laws to keep you – the potential victims of this pandemic – in the dark. Once again, newspaper reporters have stepped into this breach and begun digging for answers. The piece linked below, written by veteran Atlanta Journal Constitution writers Carrie Teegardin and Brad Schrade, is a fine example.–regional-govt–politics/public-given-sparse-details-deadly-outbreak/eRBs5mrNagETnpr6ZGejzM/

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