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Gas hassle still lingers

By Walter Geiger The gas shortage that left some locations, particularly chain grocery stores, without gasoline for long periods will linger until mid-October in some areas. ‘The national media was about a week late in reporting on the pipeline break and they are about a week early in reporting a return to normalcy in supply,’ Amanda Rose reported. Rose, a Barnesville native, is in marketing with Petro-South, a Griffin-based firm with some 400 retailers in Georgia, Florida, Alabama and Tennessee. ’All the gas is the same until it reaches the terminal. That is where additives are mixed. For instance, Chevron adds Techroline. At that point, that becomes branded gas and it is prioritized for Chevron stations. Chevron will go out of its way to maintain supplies for Chevron stations,’ Rose said. Chain groceries, like Ingle’s and Kroger, buy unbranded gas. ’They lack that priority and that is why they ran out of gas first and stayed without gas the longest. Once the crunch started, there was no unbranded gas to be bought anywhere’ Rose continued. The Colonial Pipeline, which runs through Lamar County, burst in Alabama on Sept. 9. It was finally repaired and gas shipping restored on Sept. 21. Distributors like PetroSouth have gas allocations based on the number of retailers they supply. ‘Under our allocation contracts, we can only get so much gas. We had locations here and there that were without gas for a few hours but, for the most part, we were able to maintain supplies,’ Rose said. As of Friday, those at PetroSouth were expecting supplies to even out by the end of this week though some in the industry were saying things won’t be completely back to normal until Oct. 15.

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