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Sean Peyton Ross (Photo: LCSO)

GBI, LCSO bust local man for child molestation

Lamar County sheriff’s deputies and agents of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation have arrested a local man on a charge of child molestation.

Sean Peyton Ross, 51, of 288 Midway Rd. was taken into custody at about 1 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 20. The investigation is ongoing.

More to follow…


  1. Jane Doe Jane Doe October 21, 2022

    The local man busted is also having his land stolen and neighbors harassing him and has pulled bonds and oaths on county officials and prove that the violated their oaths of office . The local man has video and audio of the harassment . But I guess you won’t interview and report that. The judge that signed his warrant had to be recused off his civil case. There is way more going on here than you know. But I guess you are into sensationalism. You won’t report that

    • Sean Sean October 22, 2022

      Hi Jane Doe
      Does this person have anything to do with the land thing or is this a family trying to hide the fact this is about a Child Molestation charge.
      I just don’t see the revalence here.

  2. Civil case Civil case October 21, 2022

    Jane Doe, since you know about this case you shouldn’t be afraid to show your real name. I am the one in the civil case that he has harassed and tried to steal my property. I have printed proof of slander.He has no audio or video only lies.Continually filing bogus claims in court. If you want to meet in a public forum to see the real evidence and video. Identify yourself. Either you are a member of his family or too cowardly to reveal your name. His child moleststion charged have nothing yo do with this case. If you are so sure of your self. You wouldn’t be hiding behind a fake name I will be happy for Walter Geiger to come do a story. Check the records mam .He was arrested in 2007 for filing false claims.The county and myself can back up everything with true facts . If you own some property that you legally bought you need to give it to him .Since you are so sure of your story. I’m sure if you owned property, and someone was trying to steal it just because they wanted it,you would think differently. The judge didn’t have to be recused,he suggested it because he didn’t want to have to deal with him. Anytime Mr Geiger, I have 300 t pages of nonsense he has filed on the county,sheriff,county attorney and several deputies. Take time and go see what other cases he has been involved in,and I would get the facts from the public county records for your own info. He has had at least 3 attorneys,that dropped the case. Check with superior and magistrate for the facts.

  3. Sean Sean October 21, 2022

    What kin folk will do

  4. A True Patriot A True Patriot October 23, 2022

    Glad they have finally caught him!

    • Sean Sr Sean Sr October 29, 2022

      Me 2

  5. death_to_covid_tyranny death_to_covid_tyranny October 26, 2022

    Hey Jane Doe,

    I see you’re a typical bleeding-heart, Libtard apologist – you’re not worried about the poor child [victim], but rather you are trying to defend a real low-life individual. A civil property dispute is nothing compared to a felonious child molestation charge. For the record – I am an immediate member of the family that has been harassed and tormented by this @**hole. You either don’t know the facts or are just lying through your teeth! I can prove, and back up everything concerning this case. At some point, we are going to reach out to Walter [Geiger] about doing a story on the property/civil case. This town, and the entire state of Georgia, needs to hear about this injustice.

  6. death_to_covid_tyranny death_to_covid_tyranny November 9, 2022

    This “accused” child molester was granted a $50,000 bond this morning in Lamar County Superior Court, and left the Lamar County Detention Center this evening. COURTESY JUDGE WILLIAM “BILL” FEARS!!!

  7. Civil crier Civil crier November 10, 2022

    It is strange that Judge Fears granted him bond,when Fears recused himself from the civil land case-because he didn’t want to deal with him. He would not even hear this civil case,yet heard the bond hearing on a serious charge. Sounds kinda odd.How do I know ? I’m the one involved in the civil case for almost 5 years? Where is my justice?

  8. death_to_covid_tyranny death_to_covid_tyranny March 2, 2023

    “More to follow…???????”

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