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GBI/LCSO probe into Milner council ongoing

The probe into the Milner city council being conducted jointly by investigators from the sheriff’s office and the GBI is ongoing. Towaliga circuit district attorney Jonathan Adams sought the investigation which began May 18. ’The investigators have not completed the report for the district attorney. Since the DA cannot convene a grand jury right now to look into it, they are going back and looking at and adding some stuff. Some of it specifically has to do with funding,’ sheriff Brad White said Monday. Adams reported he has heard noting about the report recently. ‘I did talk with Brad and he is pushing the investigators to finish it. We have a judicial emergency through Aug. 13, so we won’t see grand juries until after that time. It could be several months before they let us do juries again,’ the district attorney said. All of the delays have led to a considerable backlog of criminal cases. ’As of Monday, there were 470 open criminal cases in Lamar County with 175 unindicted cases that are over 120 days old. There are also 177 indicted cases over 120 days old we have not been able to do anything with since the COVID-19 emergency. So, it is going to be a watershed when we get back to moving cases,’ Adams concluded.

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