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Georgia cities green with envy as Piedmont Green Power and Greenco Environmental move in

Green is the new black – or so they say anyway. In other words, green is the fashion of the day. Everyone is trying to live in a more sustainable fashion. Everyone is eco-conscious. Almost everyone is recycling. Cities and local governments are no different and if that is the case then Barnesville is the haute couture of middle Georgia’s runway. The community has recently added two new businesses to our economic development; Piedmont Green Power and Greenco Environmental. Both are eco-friendly and both are incredible additions to our community. Piedmont Green Power, a $160 million investment on 50 acres, will produce electrical energy from biomass. The plant will create energy by utilizing waste materials from logging areas and land clearings, materials that would otherwise end up in landfills or left to rot. In fact, Piedmont will produce enough energy to serve 40,000 homes and will begin full operations in 2011. It will create clean, sustainable energy without carbon dioxide emissions, a greenhouse gas, believed to contribute to climate change. Greenco Environmental is Georgia’s first food waste composting facility. By combining large quantities of food, yard and wood waste, the company creates high quality organic compost with zero landfill contribution. Greenco also provides an economic waste hauling and disposal option to many of Greater Atlanta’s food processing and landscape companies. The raw materials are trucked to the 32-acre facility and after 90 days, the waste has been transformed into organic compost which is sold in bulk to farmers and manufacturers of bagged garden products. It is an exciting time for economic and sustainable development in Barnesville and ‘“ to keep with the fashion analogy ‘“ the city has never looked so beautiful.

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