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Ghost Out warning

Mid Georgia Ambulance and Lamar County agencies hosted a drunk driving simulation, called a Ghost Out, the Wednesday before prom to highlight the dangers of drinking and driving at the high school. The Lamar County fire department, Barnesville police department and other local public safety agencies ‘“ even life flight, the coroner’s office and Williams Funeral Home ‘“ responded as if it were a real mass casualty incident. Each year, teens across the nation fall victim to peer pressure and lose their lives in serious car accidents caused by a drunken teen driver. Ghost Out begins when local students are chosen to become ‘victims’. During Ghost Out, each ‘victim’ remained silent all day, symbolizing what life would be like if they were no longer at school as the result of a drunk driving accident. Ghost Out day concludes with an elaborate simulation of a car accident after prom, caused by a teenaged drunk driver. Pictured here, a student portraying the drunken driver staggers as another participant dressed as the Grim Reaper turns up to take away his date.

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