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GHSA exec responds to PA ‘muzzling’ allegations

Lamar County fans have been abuzz with reports the Georgia High School Association has muzzled popular Trojan Field PA announcer Danny Turner. The Herald Gazette queried GHSA about the matter and executive director Ralph Swearingen responded. ***************** This information is copyrighted by The Herald Gazette and and may not be reproduced elsewhere without express permission. ***************** The question regarded whether requests had been made of the school, why a semifinal game is different than, say, a quarterfinal game and what would happen if Turner did not comply. In his response, Swearingen did not address the issue of noncompliance. Here is Swearingen’s e-mailed statement: ”The playoff games belong to the Georgia High School Association and a school is given the opportunity to host that game. In the interest of good sportsmanship, it is expected that the environment of the game would be of a high quality at every round of the playoffs. At the semifinal games, the GHSA provides a crew of supervisors for each site and we reminded the host schools at our meeting on Sunday to be certain that the PA announcers did not function as a cheerleader or try to do play-by-play commentary during the game. We have been accentuating this matter for several years. I really don’t think we are ‘muzzling’ anyone.”

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