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Gordon tightens enrollment standards

Gordon College is on track to tighten considerably its enrollment requirements for fall semester 2011, interim president Shelley Nickel told the Gordon Foundation last month. Gordon eliminated admission standards six years ago as part of a University System program. ‘Basically, we are an open campus. There are no SAT or GPA minimums,’ Nickel said. That will change this fall when entering freshman will have to have a minimum freshman index of 1830 to be admitted. The index is derived by multiplying an applicant’s high school grade point average by 500 and adding his or her scores from the verbal and math portions of the SAT to that number. For example, a student with a 2.0 GPA, 500 on the SAT verbal and 400 on the SAT math would have a freshman index of 1900. ‘Obviously, we hope our students will exceed the minimum freshman index,’ Nickel said. Gordon will also rein in the number of remedial courses students can take on campus. Currently Gordon accepts students who need remediation in three areas. Studies done across the whole of the University System have shown that only three percent of such students graduate. Under the new guidelines, Gordon will accept only students who need remediation in two or fewer areas. ’This will impact our enrollment but we hope through our recruitment and admissions efforts we will stay above 5000 students,’ Nickel said. Tuition at Gordon will increase by three percent fall semester to $1,388. With mandatory fees, cost is $1,786. In comparison, tuition at UGA Griffin is $3,641, not including fees.

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