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Government watch list asks, ‘˜are you a terrorist?’

You may be surprised to find that you’re on a government watch list as a potential terrorist. The federal government in partnership with state and local government agencies has created 58 ‘˜fusion sites’ across the United States to monitor groups that may be planning terrorist activity. Recently, they issued a law enforcement alert to be on the lookout for certain dangerous elements in our society. Under the auspices of the Orwellian sounding ‘Missouri Information Analysis Center’, a report titled ‘The Modern Militia Movement’ was issued to law enforcement agencies across the state. This report gives you an inside look at the activities of the rest of the ‘˜fusion sites’. Who might those dangerous societal elements be? Lock your doors and keep your children home as I quote from their list, which incidentally was just removed from their website. You might be part of a militia, white supremacist group, or a skinhead (I suppose if you’re bald, you’re included) if you are a Ron Paul supporter. Yes, I said Ron Paul supporter. If you’re anti-abortion ‘“ you may make the list. If you’re vocal about illegal immigration, you’re in. Law enforcement is urged to look for a secret code on motorists’ vehicles, also known as bumper stickers. A bumper sticker advocating a return to Constitutional government may trigger a roadside chat with the local state police ‘“ at least in Missouri. A search of your car may be in order. Supporters of Chuck Baldwin, a recent Constitution Party candidate for president, are also considered possible terrorists. The same government that brought you 20,000,000 illegal aliens has branded American citizens against the plan to create a union of Canada, America and Mexico as suspicious. In case you’re not aware of it, there is a government plan supported by Republicans and Democrats to create a North American Union. This would effectively end the U.S. as we know it, but you’re dangerous if you’re against the NAU. Supporters of gun owners’ right are additional people to monitor. So all you Second Amendment supporters out there ‘“ look out. You may be on a government watch list. Anyone who simply likes to collect guns and ammo is likely on a list. Gun owners are clearly targeted in the current administration. This is part of the conditioning process the government in collusion with the mainstream mouthpiece media uses to persuade uneducated citizens to permit the abolishment of the Second Amendment. Christians are on the list too. Your government is working hard to tie Christians to right wing extremist groups. All the government house organs (also known as major media) parrot the contrived illusion that Christians secretly want to take over the country and remove all your rights. Actually though, it’s the group pointing fingers in the MIAC report you have to watch. They’re the ones who wish to stifle liberty and justice in the U.S. Illegal searches and seizures are their privilege. If you’d like a copy of this chilling report, please write me in care of the Herald-Gazette. I’d be happy to send you one. Simply request the Missouri Information Analysis Center report, ‘The Modern Militia Movement’. See if you’re on their list. Editor’s Note: The preceding article was written and contributed by Robert Heiney

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