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Greenco expected to get extension

In anticipation of a Nov. 17 meeting with Greenco owner Tim Lesko and members of the DeKalb County commission, Lamar County commissioners are expected to take an amended agreement before Judge Tommy Wilson tomorrow or Thursday that will allow Greenco to stay open through at least March. The amended order will require Lesko to close his controversial composting operation over both the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, with no materials being brought in or turned while neighbors ‘“ up in arms over the smells coming from the facility ‘“ are celebrating. Fly controls are also to be put into place. Commissioner Nancy Thrash called the operation a health hazard, especially in wake of news that Greenco was accepting animal wastes from Emory University’s medical testing labs. At a called meeting today, commissioners learned DeKalb County will treat Lesko’s composting facility as a lined landfill. It is slated to make a decision on letting Greenco commence operations there no earlier than March 2012

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