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(L-R): Christy Skinner, Dr. Jacquelyn Key, Dr. Christy Flatt, Dr. Jane-Marie McKinney, Dr. Brent Johnson, Dr. Bernard Anderson, Dr. Cori Newton, Dr. Amanda Duffus, and Tony Pearson.

GSC celebrates 12 faculty on promotions, tenure

Gordon State College celebrated 12 of its faculty who were promoted and/or tenured on Wednesday, April 27, at the courtyard of the GSC Alumni House.

The in-person formal ceremony included recipients from last year that couldn’t be celebrated due to COVID-19.
GSC Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. C. Jeffery Knighton opened the celebration with a welcome and the significant meaning behind being granted tenure.

“Within the Academy, there are many ancient traditions that we hold dear to our heart. Perhaps none of those traditions are more venerated than those surrounding tenure and promotion,” Knighton said. “To grant tenure to one of our own, we are saying to that individual that we have enough faith in and regard for them that we are willing to make a life-time commitment.”

Knighton continued his speech with what it meant to be promoted to associate professor or professor. He said the promotion to associate professor meant that the faculty’s teaching and contributions to the students and college are “of a sufficiently high quality and this person is now recognized as being an example for all new faculty members to emulate.”

According to Knighton, the promotion to professor is the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a member of the Academy. The recipient demonstrated superior teaching, strong leadership and service, ongoing engagement and scholarship in their discipline on behalf of the institution and a strong commitment to the mission of the college.

“They represent everything that is great about academia and are role models throughout the entire university system,” Knighton said.

Effective Aug. 1, 2021, the following GSC faculty have received a promotion and/or tenure:

Dr. Bernard Anderson- Promoted to Professor of Mathematics
Dr. Amanda Duffus- Promoted to Professor of Biology
Dr. Christy Flatt- Promoted to Professor of Sociology
Tony Pearson- Promoted to Professor of Theatre
Dr. Joseph Jones- Promoted to Professor of Education
Lisa Cesnik Ferguson- Awarded tenure and promoted to Associate Professor of Theatre
Dr. Jacquelyn Key- Promoted to Associate Professor of Nursing
Christy Skinner- Promoted to Associate Professor of Nursing

Effective Aug. 1, 2022, the following GSC faculty have received a promotion and/or tenure:
Ally Hatterman- Promoted to Professor of Physical Education
Dr. Brent Johnson- Awarded tenure
Dr. Jane-Marie McKinney- Awarded tenure and promoted to Associate Professor of Psychology
Dr. Cori Newton- Awarded tenure and promoted to Associate Professor of Biology

Hattermann said she has enjoyed her experience as a faculty member at GSC for over 20 years and considers it her passion in giving back to her profession or field.

“I think sometimes in academia we get lost in focusing on the impact that is considered ‘valuable’ in our field of study, whether that be national publications and presentations, committee involvement, etc.,” Hattermann said. “What I have truly learned is that this is not always the case, especially in my position. Giving back to your profession or the field is the key and is my ‘why’ or ‘passion,’ whether I’m interacting with my students in my courses, advisees, athletes and even colleagues at Gordon State.

McKinney looks forward in continuing teaching students and serving the college for many years to come.

“Receiving tenure and promotion to Associate Professor at Gordon this year is an honor and a privilege. I feel lucky to have a career that I am passionate about and to get affirmation back from Gordon that they want to keep me around is encouraging,” McKinney said.

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