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Gun control works for those with the guns

By Robert Heiney Ellen Granum made an appearance at the January Republican meeting to discuss gun control. As she discussed why she wants to take away firearms from law abiding citizens, she held up a People magazine cover displaying full color photographs of the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting. My initial reaction was to dig through my computer files and display the numerous photographs representing the millions of unarmed citizens killed by their own government. I could go on to show photos of unarmed millions killed by marauding gangs of rebels, thugs, and gangs circulating throughout the world. Mexico, Rwanda, Yugoslavia, Armenia, Darfur, and of course Nazi Germany, Communist China, Cambodia, and the former Soviet Union quickly come to mind. Laughably, Communist China recently lectured the US on the virtues of gun control. There are numerous statistics that set the number of illegal aliens in the U.S. at 11,000,000. Some suggest closer to 20,000,000. There are many enemies of the U.S. and our porous borders make it very easy to cross into the U.S. and assimilate into the various ethnic communities. And it shouldn’t surprise gun grabbers that some of the most violent and frequent crime occurs in cities with 250,000 or more people. Consider that these same cities are often home to underground gangs – gangs that are generally behind the extreme violence perpetrated against the unarmed victims in these very same cities. These cities make up the bulk of the violent crime statistics reported in America, according to the latest FBI reports. Gun control advocates make it sound real simple. Just take away everyone’s guns except the government royalty and their enforcers. They promise you a safer world if you’ll side with them. They show you photos of a dozen or so innocent victims of a mad murderer. Yet they never show you photos of the millions killed deliberately by armies under orders from their government. Background checks, gun registration, and limits to the number of bullets a gun can hold, is solely for the purpose of phasing in all-out gun bans as was done in nearly every other country in the world. America is one of the last hold-outs. Is America truly more dangerous than other countries? Or does 200,000,000 people killed by their own government actually equal less than the hundred or so killed in the U.S. by lone, mad, gunmen? Is the U.K. safer after their gun grab? Statistics from their own ‘Home Office’ suggest that violent crime is three times greater in the U.K. than the U.S. Thugs no longer need worry that they might meet a bullet when breaking and entering a home. In fact, thugs prefer it if you’re home. They can then beat and degrade you while taking all your belongings. You need to devote serious critical thinking skills when considering the gun control debate. First ask yourself – who is promoting gun control? Answer: The Chinese Communists, the U.S. federal government, and many Democrats. What is their record on saving lives? Answer: abortion to the tune of 2,000-3,000 babies each day in the US and millions more in Communist China. And the U.S. federal government has killed thousands more Americans in numerous undeclared wars over the past 50 years. How safe are American borders to ensure the safety of unarmed American citizens? Answer: up to 20,000,000 illegal aliens residing here in the U.S. right now. Imagine if even 5% (or 1,000,000) of them decided to fight a guerilla war against America. Ask any Tutsi tribe member in Rwanda how they desperately would have given nearly anything to have firearms to protect themselves from machete wielding Hutu’s. Too late – many millions were hacked to death in their own homes and churches. The idea that ‘gunvcontrol’ saves lives is absurd and dangerous. If you don’t like guns – fine. But please don’t use your vote to deprive others of their God given right to protect themselves from thugs, gang members, and from the increasingly bellicose American federal government. Don’t forget; government officials will continue to be armed to the teeth especially after securing one and a half billion hollow point bullets for themselves. If gun control makes everyone safer, why isn’t the federal government royalty disarming?

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