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Has dignity died?

When did we as a society cease to let others gain spotlight? When did we become so self-absorbed that unless we were directly included, praised or acknowledged, we looked down upon something? Chalk one up for embarrassment, indignity, classlessness and absurdity, as it reared its ugly head at the MTV Video Music Awards last night…again! As a surprised Taylor Swift took to the stage to accept her “moon man” for Best Female Music Video on Sunday evening, rapper/producer Kanye West suddenly burst onto the stage and rudely stole the microphone from the country singer during her acceptance speech. ”Yo Taylor, I’m really happy for you, I’ll let you finish, but Beyoncé has one of the best videos of all time,” West said. “One of the best videos of all time!” West did later apologize on his blog with the following: ”I’M SOOOOO SORRY TO TAYLOR SWIFT AND HER FANS AND HER MOM. I SPOKE TO HER MOTHER RIGHT AFTER AND SHE SAID THE SAME THING MY MOTHER WOULD’VE SAID. SHE IS VERY TALENTED!” [sic CAPS] Before we all bellow out, “Consider the source…” remember that it was just last week when during President Obama’s health care reform speech Wednesday, Republican Senator Joe Wilson interrupted the proceedings a couple of times with angry outbursts. This is an elected official who according to Vice-President Biden “demeaned the institution.” Very shortly thereafter, Wilson apologized, saying that he was caught up in the emotion of the moment. But is that acceptable? Is this new form of brash, self-centered, obnoxious behavior acceptable? If so, why? And why didn’t I receive the memo? GO!

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