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Haven’t we been taxed enough already?

Dear Editor: Due to the recent bank bailouts and the stimulus package, the average American taxpayer has become politically active in a way no one could have anticipated. Most taxpayers are completely fed up with all political parties and are holding tea parties across the nation as a way to protest our elected officials catering to special interest groups, big banks and corporations instead of listening to us, their constituents. Soccer moms and dads, pastors, teachers and even children and teenagers who are worried about their future are attending and organizing these events. People are angry, and rightfully so. The cost to the taxpayer for the bailout alone has been estimated at $28,000 per person and that doesn’t include the stimulus package. This also doesn’t include the hidden tax called an inflation tax. When the price of our services and materials goods are inflated due to the government printing too much money, that same government benefits by collecting more money in taxes, or an inflation tax. Think of it this way: if a loaf of bread that costs $2 brings in 14 cents in sales tax, and if the cost of that same loaf of bread rises in price to $4, the tax on that item also rises and the entity collecting that tax benefits. The same applies to federal taxes on gas and cigarettes. What this means is that in addition to the incredible burden our government has placed on us because of the bailouts, we are also being hit every time we purchase anything during an inflationary period. Many leading economists are predicting that due to the amount of paper or “fiat” money being produced by our government, the only reasonable expected outcome is inflation. I believe education is the key to saving our country. We have to educate ourselves about the way our government works against our best interests. For example, most people aren’t aware the Federal Reserve is not actually a government entity at all. The Federal Reserve is made up of a cartel of bankers, most of which aren’t even American bankers. The Creature From Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin is an excellent source of information on this subject. However, you can find many other sources via the Internet. I would like to encourage everyone to attend a tea party near you and educate yourselves about what is actually being done to us by some of our elected officials. Stay informed about the bills being passed in your good name and take the time to call your local, state and federal representatives to tell them “no” to all future taxes and bailouts. Haven’t we been taxed enough already? All citizens are welcome to support our efforts in restoring our Constitutional freedoms and our Constitutional government. Please help us send a message to all elected officials they are to serve we the people and not themselves, large corporations, domestic and international bankers or special interest groups. Bring your voices, signs, and hearts to the event in protest of unfair taxation, the current attempt toward government control over health care, bailouts of banks and corporations, and the further pillaging of the American people by the Federal Reserve banking cartel. Help us end the Fed in our fight to take our nation back. A Tea Party will be held at the Spalding County courthouse on Saturday, July 4, from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. I am also one of the organizers for the Georgia State Freedom Keepers Rally and Tea Party to be held at the Georgia State Capital on July 4 from 6-9 p.m. Kathryn Harper, organizer Spalding County Tea Party Georgia Freedom Keepers Rally Tea Party Georgia State Capital

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