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Heiney defeats Brown in District 2 commission race

The Herald Gazette has two methods by which you can follow election results tonight. Online coverage runs herewith. You can also access a telephone message of local winners once the votes are tabulated by calling 770.358.NEWS. Final totals from election headquarters at the Lamar County courthouse; all districts reporting: COUNTY COMMISSION, DISTRICT 2: George Brown (R): 154 Robert Heiney (R): 305 WINNER ’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢ More results inside, no password required. (Note: These are Lamar County totals only. Statewide results are available STATE SENATE, DISTRICT 16: Bob Barnard (R): 74 James Clifton (R): 93 Marty Harbin (R): 285 Bill Johnston (R): 378 Erik Manning (R): 102 David Studdard (R): 216 Gil Williams (R): 28 ’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢ STATE REPRESENTATIVE, DISTRICT 130: David Knight (R): 547 Jason Lovett (R): 213 ’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢ U.S. SENATE (DEMOCRAT): Steen Miles: 28 Michelle Nunn: 266 Branko Radulovacki: 10 Todd Robinson: 15 ’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢ U.S. SENATE (REPUBLICAN): Paul Broun: 108 Arthur Gardner: 7 Phil Gingrey: 144 Derrick Grayson: 14 Karen Handel: 288 Jack Kingston: 194 David Perdue: 576 ’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢ GOVERNOR (REPUBLICAN): John Barge: 117 Nathan Deal: 912 David Pennington: 288 ’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢’¢ U.S. House, District 3 Chip Flanegan: 428 Lynn Westmoreland: 861

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