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Hit and run fatality scene outlined in court

Much of testimony Tuesday morning in the Bobbie Jo Sumner hit and run trial was elicited to describe for the jury the accident scene and relay information gleaned from it by the state patrol’s Specialized Collision Reconstruction Team (SCRT). Two troopers described a significant impact before Judge Tommy Wilson broke for lunch at 11:45 a.m. Jurors were told to be back in the courtroom at 1:15 p.m. The prosecution argues that Sumner should have known she hit a human being and stopped at the scene. The defense countered that Sumner did not realize she hit a human and did not come to that realization until officer Freddie Oates arrived at her home the second time days after the death of Alexandra Noelle Desir. Tiffany Truitt, 24, and Tyler Jones, 25, testified they left their home on Mitchell Drive just before midnight on June 28, 2013. They turned right onto Rose Avenue on their way to Flash Foods for a citronella candle the store did not have. They saw Desir walking along the fog line of the road headed toward Huddle House were she worked. Truitt also saw a light colored small SUV. Returning within five minutes, they saw Desir’s hat in the road and then spotted the body and called 911. The saw no signs of life. Maria Gebelein, now a BPD officer but then a Lamar deputy, testified she saw a Saturn Vue with a broken headlight pass her postion at the high school and turn onto Burnette Rd. right at midnight. She tried to catch the car but was blocked by a truck and lost it. Jonathan Sutton, formerly of BPD, was the first officer on the scene. He determined Desir was deceased, secured the scene and summoned GSP. Trooper Keith Wilson was the first trooper on the scene and is the prosecuting officer. Trooper John Wynn of the SCRT team arrived shorlty after Wilson and was joined by Trooper Truman Boyle, also a SCRT member. They meticulously marked and measured the scene. According to the SCRT report, a skid mark was located that marked the point of impact which knocked Desir out of her shoes. Her body was found on the sidewalk on the north side of Rose Avenue. Her Huddle House hat was found near the centerline. The body was knocked 70 feet from the point of impact. The body was located 60 feet from the hat and 30 feet from the victim’s glasses. Her shoes ended up 25 feet north of the road in the grass. One shoe was 46 feet away from the other. Moss argued that an impact of such force should have made it obvious to the driver that a human had been hit. More to follow…

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