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Horace Dixon thankful for 102 years of blessings

By Kay S. Pedrotti Horace Dixon’s nephew Winfred Dixson says ‘very old records’ show his uncle was born on March 18, but the only copy of a birth certificate the family could find shows his birthday as March 15. Horace plans to celebrate the earlier date. The Barnesville centenarian says he is the only one in the family who spells his name ‘Dixon’ instead of ‘Dixson,’ but he doesn’t remember exactly why. He and his wife Liz keep their Grove Street home with the help of nephews and nieces. When he can he goes to church at Greater Spring Hill Baptist Church in Milner. Dixon’s faith shows up in every conversation; he has lived to 102, he says, ‘because God has blessed me.’ Born at The Rock, he has lived in Florida, Pennsylvania and other states and has ‘raised four children, two of them mine.’ He was widowed at one time but being from a large family, there were always children around. ’I could gather them up in my lap, a bunch of them,’ he says. ‘They loved me so much.’ He has worked in mills, as a labor contractor for migrant workers and in ‘Smith’s shop’ making cabinets in Barnesville, he says. Never one to fear hard work, he adds he had only a limited education because ‘I had to go to field work.’ Horace always enjoys having the Bible read to him. He quotes many passages, some in his perception of the Lord’s goodness: ‘He said, get me, and the world will be against you. But when you have me, I am greater than the world against you.’ Horace does not blame his Lord for any hard times, even when his nephew John Dixson the cab driver was murdered. If people would just do the right thing, he adds, then they would be blessed too. ’All the time I tell the Lord thank you. I tell him if I had 10,000 tongues I would praise him with every one. So you remember me in your prayers.’ Not such an uncommon request for his family and friends ‘“ but the reporter was a stranger.

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