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How do you solve a problem like Trump

By Walter Geiger With apologies to Rodgers and Hammerstein, watching the news media and others dealing with president-elect Donald Trump reminds me of the nuns trying to deal with young Maria in ‘˜The Sound of Music’. Maria disrupted business as usual at the convent and Trump is going to take a sledgehammer to what has passed for normal in the White House for the past eight years and beyond. I was, as usual, at election central on the night of Nov. 8. I awoke that day with the feeling Trump would win. In the election board conference room there was a large TV tuned to one of the main stream media outlets ‘“ all of which are now essentially extensions of the Democratic National Committee and make no effort at neutrality. We watched election results as board members and representatives of each party meticulously recounted over 350 absentee ballots due to a minor discrepancy. Leading the coverage was George Stephanopoulos, who worked for Bill Clinton and was outed for having donated $75,000 to the Hillary Clinton campaign. George was all smiles early in the night. At one point, I left the room to attend to some other election night duties. When I returned some 20 minutes later, George’s demeanor and facial expression had changed dramatically. I knew then that he had seen some bad numbers ‘“ probably exit polling ‘“ that did not bode well for the supposedly invulnerable Clinton machine. His smile never returned and Trump triumphed, much to George’s chagrin. The aftermath has been epic. While some university students have required quiet rooms and therapy puppies to get over their PTSD from the vote, the media, which was fiercely anti-Trump from the beginning, has now opted to tell the president-elect how he should run his White House and whom he should appoint to cabinet and other key positions. Trump is not listening and he shouldn’t be. The media is extraneous ‘“ not essential ‘“ to the executive branch of government. Trump will largely ignore it and rightly so. Last week, he ditched his press entourage and took his family to dinner. The media types were apoplectic. Trump thumbed his nose at them. They had best get used to it. Trump has reiterated his plan to begin deporting illegal immigrants, starting with those charged with or convicted of crimes. The liberal mayors of New York, Chicago and Seattle have vowed to maintain their sanctuary city status for illegals. I wonder how long that will last once Trump uses executive orders, which the media gave Obama a pass on, to cut their federal funding. I expect those mayors to howl. I expect Trump to ignore them and the majority of Americans will love him for it. Trump has vowed to undo the Paris Agreement on climate change, saving the U.S. billions of dollars that would have been wasted studying things like the mating habits of polar bears confined to saunas anyway. President Francois Hollande of France, the Casper Milquetoast of Europe, says Trump cannot get away with it. I expect he will and, again, thumb his nose at the opposition in the process. Trump is going to put America first. He is not going to bow down to anyone and I don’t think he cares whose or how many toes he steps on or how many bureaucratic lifers are kicked to the curb in the process. That’s what his supporters want and, like it or not, they won! Walter Geiger is editor and publisher of The Herald Gazette.

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