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“I ain’t messing with that fish no more”

A 37-pound grass carp gave veteran local fisherman Johnny Torbert and his wife Nadine all they could handle on a trip to a local pond last week. Johnny saw the big fish struggling and assumed it was wrapped in fishing line or had something in its throat. He threw a lure and hooked it. The fish came to life, making several runs and finally breaking Johnny’s rod. He used another bait caster to hook it again. Using half the broken road, he brought the fish to the bank when it took off again taking his bait caster into the drink with it. Using the half rod, he got the bait caster back and then got the fish to the bank. He got down on his belly and tried to lip it when the carp bit down with its sharp teeth. Johnny then grabbed the fish by the gill and its started to pull him toward the water’s edge. Nadine had to grab him by the waist the keep him from plunging into the pond. As it turned out, there was nothing wrong with the carp as far as Johnny could tell so he released it after weighing it. ‘I ain’t messing with that fish no more,’ Johnny concluded.

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