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I am thankful

I am thankful for’¦ ’¦all the people in this big world of ours. I wish I could know them. ’¦the few people in this little life of mine. I’m glad I can love them and be loved by them. ’¦the teachers who taught me. ’¦the students who teach me. ’¦public servants who truly serve. ’¦barbecue, fried catfish, steak, and fried chicken, and for surprisingly good cholesterol levels. ’¦all the amazing things I’ve learned about God, Jesus, and the Bible. ’¦the fact that, after over four decades of study, John 3:16 still pretty much sums it up. ’¦for Jesus being the Savior we need, not the one we want. ’¦for my Good Wife, whom I never have deserved, do not now deserve, and never will deserve, and who doesn’t like it when I say things like that. ’¦for my children and grandchildren, who, even if I do someday publish my great novel (I must write it first), will be my greatest legacy. ’¦for small churches that faithfully meet to worship, to hear the word proclaimed, and to fellowship, and for the pastors who faithfully show up to preach, teach, and serve. ’¦for streaming television services that make it convenient for me to watch all the great programs I would watch if I had time. ’¦for one show I have managed to watch’”’Man in the High Castle’’”that offers the necessary reminder that it could indeed happen here. ’¦for people who don’t act like they know more than they know. ’¦for people who don’t act like they know less than they know. ’¦for all I’ve grown past, grown through, and am still’”and always will be’”growing into. ’¦for the Beatles. I mean, where would we be without them? Also for Badfinger, the Raspberries, and Grand Funk Railroad. I mean, we’d be fine if none of them ever existed, but I sure like them, so I’m glad they did. ’¦for National Public Radio, which is more informative and educational than all the television news channels combined. ’¦for our Sleep Number bed. Right now, I’m a 70. ’¦for all of you who read the words I write and think about them a little bit. I am truly grateful.

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