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I have more questions

I have more questions

I consider myself to be a relatively observant person. When I go into a new place, I check out the people and I scout out where the back door might be just in case.

Being observant leads to many questions, some of which I asked in this space previously. Growing old inspires additional queries.

Several of the questions I wrote of previously never got answered. So, I repeat myself.

Why are so many of you now backing into parking places? It saves no time. Is it some sort of tactical thing or do you just like fooling with the backup cameras so many vehicles now have? Or, do you just struggle to back out of a spot?

Why do drivers of the most tricked out Jeeps and ‘brodozier’ trucks move the slowest over simple railroad crossings like my Grandma in her 60’s era Chevy Nova? Are you afraid you might lose that giant jack you have welded to the hood from the impact?

Answers please?

This is a new question. Why do the meth heads steal only children’s bicycles? I have never spotted one on an adult sized bike. They are always on kids’ bikes, grinding away on the pedals and their last six teeth.

Why do older people struggle with eyelashes that grow back into the eye? They are generally white and nearly impossible to see in a mirror without help from the Hubble space telescope. Anybody found a good system for dealing with those?

What happens to the rear ends of we gents as we otherwise age gracefully? It seems as if our tail ends vanish. I am reminded of a quip by my late friend Chunky. He always referred to women as Darlin’ and was apt to break out this charming line, “Stick with me Darlin’ and you’ll be (poot)ing through silk”.

When he ran across a female who had lost considerable weight, he would remark, “Damn, Darlin! You been taking that noassitol?”

I have not been taking noassitol but my derriere is dwindling which leads to my last question.
When will suspenders come back into style?

Til then I guess I’m busting slack.

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