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I have questions. Do you have answers?

Periodically, I pen a piece like this that stems from my observations of people, places and events.

Though I make no claim to having all the answers, I do have plenty of questions.

Perhaps you can help?

Starting simply, my first question is this: Why do I see more and more people backing into parking places? Most of us don’t respond to emergencies so why park like you have the Batmobile sitting in your slot?

You make all the same maneuvers backing into the parking place that you would pulling out – just in reverse. So, why? I don’t get it.

Similarly, why do the folks in the big four wheel drive trucks and off road vehicles go the slowest over simple railroad crossings and steer the widest around known potholes?

What on Earth has happened to Dr. Fauci? Did he follow the science right out the door at public health? Fauci, the face of the pandemic, the man who once told us to wear three masks, has been offstage in recent weeks. Why?

Could it be the polling shows that folks are tired of COVID, its restrictions and hassles and, faced with high gas prices, war in Ukraine, inflation, etc., the party in power relegated him, his virus and their masks to the waste bin to bolster their election chances?

In a similar vein, what happened to Dr. Deborah Birks, the COVID scarf lady? If Fauci was the pandemic’s Batman on call to save Gotham, Birks was his Robin, yet she has long since vanished, too.

Whither Dr. Birks?

Why do school systems lack bus drivers? This has become a problem for middle and high school sports teams that sometimes have to cancel or postpone athletic contests due to a lack of transportation.

Even relatively high pay and inclusion in school system health insurance plans doesn’t seem to be enough to attract more.

When will marijuana be legalized nationwide? Young people have their records and chances to get certain jobs in the future poisoned by the possession of a substance that is legal in many states. This is patently absurd and has been for a long time.

Finally, what would you say to console Emma Wyant? Wyant, a female, lost the 500-yard freestyle event at the NCAA Championships to a so-called transgender athlete who was born a male, took 12 months of female hormone treatments and pronounced himself or herself female.

Wyant trained all her life for the NCAAs only to lose to a competitor who is chromosonnally male by two seconds.

We can’t tell Wyant to follow the science, can we?

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