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I opt out of naked airport scanner

By Robert Heiney They were herding passengers through the naked scanner like cattle at Atlanta Hartsfield Airport. No one escaped the indignity of having their whole body including all private parts exposed for government scrutiny. I suppose this is the United States of the future. You will be required to essentially disrobe on demand in front of any federal officer regardless of whether there is reasonable suspicion of a crime committed or not. Due process is a thing of the past. I noticed on a FBI Crime website that it’s not enough anymore to investigate crimes committed. Law enforcement will increasingly focus on preventing crime. Now who would argue against that? Perhaps America’s Founding Fathers. Because of the way it will be done. For example: once illegal wiretaps on your phone will become legal ‘“ like magic. Surveillance from any one of thousands of cameras surrounding you everywhere when you step outside your front door. Rifling through your papers, bills, purchases, and more ‘“ all of which will be on-line for every government snoop to spend quality time reviewing. All of your medical records will be on a national government database soon, as part of the US federal government’s takeover of the private medical industry. Take Viagra? Are you bi-polar? Think bad thoughts sometimes? All your pals in the government who just want to keep you safe, will know all about you. Doesn’t that make you feel safer? The FBI and the TSA and the rest of the federal enforcers will have plenty of help preventing crime. Those silly constitutional rights just keep getting in the way of good honest crime prevention. We must become more like the rest of the world. So you’ll see continual whittling away at the US Bill of Rights. But back to Atlanta Hartsfield Airport. Do you remember watching TV shows from the 60’²s and 70’²s? They often depicted a communist police state visually as an airport with military types checking ‘your papers’. The look and feel of these 60’²s and 70’²s police state airports is surprisingly similar to the look and feel of today’s US airports. Except the old ones didn’t have the invasive new naked scanners. These airport scanners violate numerous Constitutional rights. Yet ‘“ where is the outrage? Part of this can be attributed to successful media indoctrination that these violations of rights are good for you. They make you safer. You’re under less threat of violence. Most people apparently are willing to give up any rights if you just tell them you’ll grant them greater security. As for me, I’d rather take my chances with the Taliban than trust a hugely powerful federal monstrosity that has clearly moved into the red zone of police state enforcement. So I decided to ‘opt-out’ of the naked scanner and go for the deluxe pat-down. I was gruffly asked, ‘Oh, you want the opt-out?’ Like it’s some sort of challenge. Then I was told ‘“ ‘Stand over there’. I heard an announcement over the PA system that they had an opt-out and needed a male guard. After waiting a few minutes, I was ordered to follow the TSA guard through a metal detector and stand next to a desk. ‘Stand on this side’, he demanded. I was asked about the contents of my computer bag. ‘Any sharp objects in here’ asked the second guard. I wanted to say something sarcastic like, ‘No, just my box cutter’¦’ but I knew these guys didn’t have a sense of humor. I might have ended up in a FEMA camp for any cute remarks. ‘No ‘“ nothing sharp in there to my knowledge.’ Didn’t the bag just go through their x-ray machine? And hadn’t I gone through a metal detector a second time? Oh well ‘“ better be safe than sorry my momma used to say! The TSA guard checking my computer bag removed the padded dashboard mount for my GPS and quizzically turned it over a few times. ‘For my GPS’ I added. He nodded and stuffed it back in the case. Then my belongings were again carried to another security check point where the pat-down began. The first TSA guard explained that the back of the hand and the front of the hand would be used. Hands would be slid down my pants and my groin would be touched. Hands will go up and down my legs. I thought about that dope Chris Matthews when he said Mr. Obama gave him a shiver down his leg. Shiver this Matthews you establishment butt kisser. The guard took my boarding pass and entered something into his computer. ‘Oh great’, I thought. ‘Now I’m on a federal database as an op-out’. This should be good for my future here in the socialist-communist new world order America. Now the pat-down. I was asked if I would like to have my body check done in private. Being the voyeur I am, I said, ‘No ‘“ right here is fine.’ The TSA guard performed as advertised, I was groped from head to toe. He did slide the back of his hand down my pants and he did feel my groin. My legs were checked. My back was checked. My feet were checked. All areas of my body were inspected. However, I’m pleased to report that they left out the body cavity inspection this time. I anticipate this is coming at a future date. It seemed it was over almost as soon as it started. The TSA guard walked away and entered some more stuff into his federal database. Almost as if he had forgotten me, he suddenly looked back and said I could go. I gathered up my scattered possessions, put my shoes and belt back on, packed my laptop computer back into my computer bag. I didn’t notice any other people taking the opt-out option. Apparently most people are content to step into some bizarre machine owned and operated by the federal government ‘“ and no, just because you pay taxes, that doesn’t mean you own the naked scanners. You pay for all this. And then the federal police state uses it for people control. If the American people are willing to accept this violation of Constitutional rights, they are willing to accept much more. Expect to see this in train stations, bus terminals, city streets, municipal buildings ‘“ use your imagination. I’ll bet you can think of a great place for naked scanners. Any place sounds good except maybe our borders. Robert Heiney lives in Lamar County’s Redbone community. His blog is

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