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I will waste neither money nor pity on Creflo Dollar

By Walter Geiger ‘˜A foole & his money be soon at debate: which after with sorrow, repents him too late’ -a proverb dating to the early days of the English language Televangelism has a long and sordid past. Though I am sure some of these apostles were the real deal, only through this medium could this phrase have been coined: ‘Put your head up close to your TV screen and send me twenty dollars and I’ll heal you.’ Tis true. I heard it myself from some swindler who appeared on my grandparent’s black and white set shortly after the test pattern disappeared one early morning many, many years ago. Creflo Dollar is the latest face of the perceived televangelism ripoff. He made the news earlier this month when he asked his flock at World Changers Church to buy him a Gulfstream 650 business jet. This is the top of the line private aircraft in the world. For Creflo to have it, his followers would have to cough up $65 million. Creflo told his flock via a video on his website that an engine had failed on his old Gulfstream G3, a fine aircraft in its own right, during an overseas trip to a global conference and only expert flying by his longtime pilot saved the plane and those aboard it. ’We are believing for 200,000 people to give us 300 U.S. dollars or more to turn this dream into a reality – and allow us to retire the aircraft that served us well for many years,’ Creflo continued. Rest assured Creflo and his wife, Taffi, are used to the high life. His ‘˜prosperity gospel’ has had a profound impact on his vast flock which must, in my humble opinion, contain more fruits and nuts than the expanded Jenner/Kardashian family. The prosperity gospel has been prosperous for Creflo and Taffi if no one else. According to published reports, they have two Rolls Royces. They also have multiple homes that cost well into the millions. They sold a New York apartment for $3.75 million in 2012. The seemingly outrageous video request for the jet drew the attention of the media and it wasn’t long before Creflo took it down. He then noted for the record that ‘˜Satan his own self’ had spoiled his dream. One blogger by the name of Olivia Nuzzi made multiple attempts to talk to Creflo about his need for new wings in that he has yet, sadly, to grow his own. She was rebuffed at every turn. Finally, she went to his church in The Bronx. It was closed. Frustrated, she wrote, ‘Multiple attempts to reach Dollar through prayer also proved unsuccessful.’ As it turns out, one of the leading aircraft recovery companies in the world operates in this area. They are tasked with retrieving what’s left of Creflo’s trashed G3. I was told Creflo’s socalled expert pilot lined up on the wrong string of lights on a taxiway in London and took it down an embankment. The G3 is a superb aircraft. It does not function well as an ATV, however. I wonder how many bottles of Dom Perignon died in that snafu. Creflo was not onboard during the jet’s tumble but Taffi and a daughter were. They were making a trip to London and the posh boutiques on Bond Street. I will waste no money nor pity on Creflo Dollar. God works in mysterious ways. I don’t think his ministry is one of them. What about you?

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