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Immigration: Feds can’t solve the problem The Brunswick News Members of Congress and other so-called political gurus are to be congratulated. Once again, by using spark-igniting words like “ultra-liberal” and “extreme conservatism,” they have managed to move the public spotlight off themselves, off their own inability to lead the nation, and onto an issue for which they are wholly and personally responsible. This time, the diversion they are latching onto and availing themselves of is the immigration law passed by the state of Arizona. Tired of the federal government’s do-nothing attitude toward enforcing its own legal entry laws, the nation’s 48th state is taking matters into its own hands. Among other things, it is threatening to pull the license of any business caught employing illegals. Politicians on both sides of the fence are having a field day with this one. While those regarded as “liberals” say the law is too harsh, those in the “conservative” column are encouraging other states to follow the lead of Arizona. There’s even a court challenge to the law, which, like bugs drawn to an outdoors porch light at night, is attracting supporters and opponents. All of this is excellent fodder for great quotes and headlines. Even candidates for governor in Georgia are jumping into the controversial debate, and for good reason. Illegal immigration is excellent cover for those fleeing questions like how they would go about repairing the state’s financial crisis if elected to office. The real issue, of course, is the inability of members of the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives to resolve this national problem. Republicans failed at finding a solution during their rule of Washington, and Democrats appear to be following their trail. Immigration is a federal issue. Everyone elected to Congress knows that. They also are aware of the fear that exists in American cities and communities following 9/11, a fear only exacerbated by the relative ease at which people who do not belong here are able to cross the border undetected and remain a part of the work force in this country for years and decades. If Congress did its job by insisting that federal agencies did theirs, immigration woes in Arizona and every other state would not be an issue today.

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