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in defense of sarah palin…

A recent Associated Press hit job on Sarah Palin on by Rachel D’Oro, obviously no fan of the governor, refers to her as “the controversial hockey mom,” several times referring to her as “controversial.” That’s a neat trick – keep referring to the enemy as “controversial” in an attempt to ratchet up scorn and hatred of a political figure. Remember how Judge Robert Bork was constantly called “controversial” during his nomination hearings for the Supreme Court ? It’s always conservatives who are so labeled. You then find airheads muttering that this or that person is no good – too “controversial,” they say. Ms. D’Oro also writes “Palin has become a polarizing figure in Alaska since the national campaign, leading to multiple ethics complaints filed against her with the state personnel board.” That’s another cutesy smear word :” polarizing.” Ms. D’Oro never tells you the truth, that these complaints were harassment by political opponents and had no basis in fact. They were groundless, but the complaint gets the heavy publicity, the result is seldom mentioned. What you are supposed to remember from all this is simply : Sarah is a bad girl, she’s “controversial” and “polarizing.” Isn’t that just horrible ? Remember, airheads are allowed to vote and this is simply a way to manipulate those who aren’t heavy thinkers. Why aren’t Obama and Biden ever referred to in such terms ? Those guys are controversial and polarizing in the extreme but are never referred to as such. The more smears I see about Sarah the more I figure she is one of the few good politicians around. Mike Reagan during the presidential campaign favorably compared her to his father Ronald Reagan, calling her “Ronald Reagan in a skirt.”. That’s a good enough endorsement for me. Regards Marshall Miller Lilburn, Georgia

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