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Is the Republican party the new Trojan horse?

By Robert Heiney President Obama wants to meet with the Republicans to put together a compromise government health bill where everybody walks away from the table with something. Let’s all sing Kum Ba Yah. It’s politics as usual in Washington, D.C. Compromise is how the two parties make a show of pushing through their joint agenda while pretending to ‘˜debate’ their so-called differences. What we really have here are two incestuous entities who together will birth a government health plan. Just like Social Security, it will start out modest and small. Yes, the people of the U.S. have been heard. Senators and congresspersons on both sides of the aisle realize government health care may be hazardous to their political health. So, while Democrats and Republicans are still talking about how the government must fix the health care crisis, the solutions coming out of Washington, D.C., will be much less extreme ‘“ for now. All the federal government needs is a legislative toe hold to begin the process of a wholesale takeover of the health care sector. Once the legislative framework is in place, it’s just a matter of adding to it in future legislative sessions ‘“ and that’s exactly what their plan is. The best solutions, however, come out of the Cato Institute, It recommends a variety of fixes that bloom from one central idea: put the purchasing decisions back in the hands of the patients. Government run health care does just the opposite. The Democrats and the Republicans are all for instituting a government takeover of the nation’s health care system. Each says the same thing: ‘The health care system is broke and needs reform.’ The Republicans talk health care reform but their suggestions sound more like socialism lite. That’s why you shouldn’t get too comfortable electing Republicans to office. Instead, carefully listen to their answers and views on the problems facing America today. Some Republicans are like Sen. Olympia Snowe from Maine. She supports many of the Democrat views on the issues. If Republicans are going to sound like Democrats, why bother voting for them at all? The Democrats are now talking compromise, probably because they have startled the sleeping public into action. This is where liberty lovers need to be careful. The compromise is generally what both sides wanted to begin with. So the American public in the end gets what the ruling elite want. Larry Pratt said in The New American (1994), ‘The most deadly enemy is the person or politician who pretends to be your friend until a crucial moment arrives. Suddenly he makes a deal and you lose a bit more of your constitutional protections.’ While he said this in context of our Second Amendment rights, this applies to all issues currently facing Americans. Compromise is the tool that has helped get this nation where it is today ‘“ nearly bankrupt, its currency devalued and with 100,000 pages of federal law. The Obama Administration and Democrats are not strong enough today to force their government take over of the health care industry on the nation. They are now working on the Republicans to compromise. Pratt says, ‘compromise means giving away what your enemy is not strong enough to take.’ Will the Republicans, who the nation is counting on, roll over and surrender yet another piece of American liberty to the federal government? The Republican Party may just be today’s Trojan horse.

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