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It will be an interesting election

By Walter Geiger I watched much of the first Democratic presidential debate last week and came away unimpressed. There is little doubt Hillary Clinton will get the nomination. Bernie Sanders is an out and out communist who could never get elected and, though I am sure they are fine people, the other three candidates were mere window dressing. I could never vote for Hillary. She just has too much baggage and huge trust issues. I have friends who think she is the most experienced person for the job and will vote for her. I respect their opinions but do not agree. So, I will be voting Republican and there is a far more interesting slate of candidates vying for the GOP nomination. There are also Republican candidates you have never heard of: Skip Andrews, George Bailey, Michael Bickelmeyer, Kerry Bowers, Eric Cavanaugh, Dale Christensen, Brooks Cullison, John Dummett Jr., Mark Everson, Jack Fellure, Jim Gilmore, Jim Hayden, Chris Hill, Valma Kittington, Bartholomew James Lower, Andy Martin, James C. Mitchell Jr., K. Ross Newland, Esteban Oliverez, Michael Petyo, Brian Russell and Jefferson Sherman. Yes, they are all running. None has a chance. Gilmore is a former governor of Virginia. I had never heard of him. The rest are doomed to perennial obscurity. Of the candidates you have heard of, once promising candidates Rick Perry and Scott Walker ran out of money and bailed out of the race. Others I can eliminate from my list quickly. I can’t vote for Jeb Bush. We’ve had too many Bushes. Chris Christie is a blowhard; no vote from me. Lindsey Graham seems like a nice guy but is unelectable. Bobby Jindal has promise for the future but not this time out. There is something about John Kasich that I just don’t like. Former New York governor George Pataki has a Sandersesque socialist streak to him. Rand Paul has some decent ideas but comes off as a nut job. I can’t see him carrying around the nuclear codes. Rick Santorum just cannot win nationally so he is off my ballot. So, that leaves (in alphabetical order) Dr. Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, Mike Huckabee, Marco Rubio and Donald Trump. I think Huckabee will run out of money and, though I like his message, he will be a non-factor by the time our primary rolls around March 1, 2016. So, that leaves five. I thought Donald Trump was a flash in the pan. I thought wrong. He is bombastic and quick to insult a rival. People love his rants on illegal immigration and Barack Hussein Obama’s ‘˜legacy’ Iran nuclear deal. Money is no object to Trump and he is in it to win it. He will be around to the end and I could and would pick him over Hillary. Another outsider, Fiorina, has come on strong. I just don’t think she will get the nomination but should have a high level cabinet post in the next administration. She would be the perfect choice to dismantle the IRS and would eat Hillary alive in a one-on-one debate. Sen. Ted Cruz will get a lot of the evangelical vote and raised $12.2 million in the last quarter. He, too, will be there to the end and would be an easy choice over Hillary. Sen. Rubio is young, smart and will draw in Hispanics. He has $11 million on hand at this writing. Here is another that I don’t think will get the nomination but would make a great vice president with an eye on 2024. That leaves Dr. Ben Carson. Carson is soft spoken, obviously extremely intelligent and considers his answers before he speaks; a kind of unTrump candidate. The more exposure he gets, the more people are flocking to him. Dr. Carson is also drawing in big donors. He raised over $20 million last quarter. I think he would be a ‘˜walk and talk softly but carry a big stick’ president and he is my current choice for the job. It will come down to Trump, Cruz and Carson. Cruz would be an excellent secretary of homeland security. Trump would be the best secretary of state ever. Those are my thoughts. What do you think? Walter Geiger is editor and publisher of The Herald Gazette and Pike County Journal Reporter.

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