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Johnson case: Vickie Green Harris, Vickie Hulett, Tom Davis

Part seven in a serialization of interviews published on the 26th anniversary of the brutal murder of Donna Johnson: Vickie Green Harris: Vickie Green Harris, ex-wife of local law enforcement officer Cicero Green, was briefly the first wife of Donna Johnson’s widower Jimmy Johnson and a lifelong friend of Donna and her sister Becky Peterman. ’I’ve known Becky and Donna since we all went to church and Becky and I went to Milner school together. I still talk to Becky a lot, we’ve been good friends through the years. I know the pain this family has been through. ’Nine months after Donna’s death, Becky and Beulah Ogletree, her mother, came to my house and spread photos of Donna all over the kitchen table. We cried and talked for about three hours. Their first words were to ask if anyone from the sheriff’s office had talked to me. I said no but I figured they would have already shown up. At the next court date, officers came to the door. I thought Cicero was needed. Instead, investigators Rene’ Chamblee, Larry Whitlock and David Mitchell wanted to talk to her. ‘They asked me every question in the world. Within the month Becky and I talked to the GBI at the Pizza Hut. In 2005, I talked to investigator Chuck Ledbetter and another officer. ’Whoever did this was enraged at Donna or completely insane. They would have no problem doing it a second time. They need to make their peace with God. In life, it’s the caught and the uncaught. ’I wish to God they could find out who did this, for Becky’s sake and Mrs. Ogletree’s though she knows now. I thought the world of Mr. and Mrs. Ogletree. My heart goes out to Becky and her family. ’I want everybody to remember what Donna looked like and imagine the terror she went through before she took her last breath, which had to have been a blessing. To this day, I think about Donna.’ Vickie Hulett: Vickie Hulett was Donna Johnson’s roommate. They shared an apartment in Macon for two years. ’The GBI talked to me right after the funeral but nobody ever contacted me again until 2005. We were close confidants. I know she was concerned about money right before she died. ’Donna was the most homebody person I have ever been around. She stayed at home. On the weekends, she went home to be with her Mama and Daddy. ’Donna smoked but she did not drink. I didn’t drink. We never partied. We never had people over at our apartment. ’She was special. I gave my daughter her middle name, Marie. I needed a roommate and she just took me in. ’Her favorite song was ‘˜I Love a Rainy Night’ by Eddie Rabbit. It rained so hard the night she died. Something kept telling me to call her but I didn’t. ’Donna told me once that she hoped she didn’t outlive her Mama and Daddy because she didn’t think she could get along without them. ’It has been too long. Justice should be served. She didn’t deserve to die like that.’ Tom Davis: Special agent in charge of the Milledgeville regional office of the GBI which covers Lamar County. ’The Donna Johnson murder was tragic and the GBI office in Milledgeville would like nothing better than to see it solved and the perpetrator prosecuted. The GBI will continue to work with the Sheriff’s Office on the investigation and is committed to following leads as they arise.’ If you have information on the Johnson case, call the Lamar County sheriff’s office at 770.358.5159, the Milledgeville office of the GBI at 1.478.445.4173 or The Herald-Gazette at 770.358.NEWS. All tips submitted to the newspaper will be kept confidential and routed to the proper authorities.

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