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Kids say the darnedest things in sharing their lists with Santa

Christmas is upon us and the season just wouldn’t be the same without letters to Santa from children. This newspaper has been publishing them for generations and this year is no exception. Hundreds of letters are included in the Dec. 18, 2018 print edition of The Herald Gazette which is on sale now. Kids’ lists have changed over the years to include fancy electronics, iPhones, drones and Timberland boots but old favorites like Mario Brothers games, Playdoh, bikes, trampolines and go-karts still make many lists. Exaggerations of good behavior to spur Santa to fill those lists is also a constant. This year, Elijah McKenzie writes, ‘˜Hey. I have been a good boy, even my Mom would agree’ before asking for a Nintendo Switch, PlayStation5 and games to go with them. Aubrey has a very long list so she opened her letter with a glowing Christmas behavior resume. ‘I have been very good this year. I have done these very nice things like being nice to my friends, being good in school and cleaning my play room. Does Rudolph have a shiny nose?’. ’I have been kinda good. Please bring me a dinosaur that can open his mouth,’ wrote Nicholas. Clint Willoughby had an unusual request. He wrote, ‘I need presents. I would like a school bus.’ Caleb left part of his list to Santa’s imagination. ‘I want a trampoline and a pool, a hover board and a TV and Nerf guns and $100 and I want your hat. So, can I have one more thing please with ice cream on top and a cherry on top?’. Keaston Brownlee went a different route, deciding to go big or go home with his list. ‘I want for Christmas an Overwatch, and I want an iPhone X. I want 500,000 dollars. I want Call of duty 4, a Nerf gun, Fortnite and Madden 19. I want Baseball 19 also. I want GTA 5 and 6. I want some Nikes, a ticket to an NBA game and a new PS4,’ he pleaded. As Art Linkletter said, ‘Kids say the darnedest things’. Merry Christmas.

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