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Kids share wish lists with Santa

By Sherri Ellington While it is obvious that the new Nintendo 3DS is leading the pack of presents in terms of video gaming, iPads and iPods were getting plenty of requests, as was the Elf on the Shelf. In this year’s print edition Letters to Santa, hundreds of children asked for everything from traditional Barbies and dirt bikes to a guest spot on Family Feud and timers for their dogs, many children had more important requests. ’I want Taylor to be better from the leukemia and have the best Christmas,’ wrote Joe Davis about his brother, who is battling the cancer. He added that his own toys are too little for him now. I don ’t want my brother to go to the hospital any more, wrote Paige Mayfield. ’I want my whole family in New York to come home,’ wrote Ta’Kiyah Brunston. ’I want my Aunt Joann to feel better,’ wrote Journi Harris. ‘I wish for peace and joy for everyone.’ Like Harris, others looked past their own families and put others first, sometimes even before their lists of toys. ’I would like for you to take my presents and give it to a homeless kid,’ wrote Donavan Sanford. ‘Get them new shoes and clothes and a nice toy.’ Bethany Martin suggested, ‘You could give them a blanket to keep them warm because it is very cold at night.’ ’I would like to have world peace,’ wrote Emily Ann Brown. ’All I want is for families to have a good Christmas,’ wrote Trey Vaughn Then there were those with long lists for themselves, ‘because I don’t know how it feels to have all that stuff,’ wrote Quavarian Rnashad Taylor, who then admitted, ‘Half of this stuff I already have.’ ’I want a flash drive because I can remember things I forget,’ wrote Bethany Fuller. ‘I know I already wrote you a letter but I wrote you another letter so you don’t forget.’

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