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Lamar Republicans defend party

The local democrats in the Aug 9 edition of The Herald Gazette accused Republicans of everything except having good common sense. If that were true the Republicans wouldn’t have won a landslide congressional victory in 2010. Before we respond to some of the more outrageous statements it might be constructive to remind ourselves in general terms what are the fundamental differences between the two parties. ’¢ Balanced budget amendment: R-yes, D-no ’¢ Reduce the size of the federal government: R-yes, D-no ’¢ Higher federal taxes: R-no, D-yes ’¢ Another huge stimulus spending plan: R-no, D-yes ’¢ Secure our southern border: R-yes, D-no ’¢ Energy independence with all American resources: R-yes, D-no ’¢ Create new jobs through private industry: R-yes, D-no ’¢ Create new jobs through the federal government: R-no, D-yes ’¢ Repeal Obama care: R-yes, D-no ’¢ Fully support our military and veterans: R-yes, D-we don’t know. I understand not every Republican and Democrat falls into the areas above but the vast majority of each party does and that’s why we have such a divide between the two parties today. Now let’s turn our attention to some of the outlandish comments by the Democrats. The Tea Party Republicans caused our current crisis. What caused this crisis is out of control spending by both Republicans and Democrats. Our national debt is over $14 trillion and growing. We borrow 42 cents of every dollar the government spends. This can’t continue. I say thank goodness Republican members of Congress have finally awoken and are trying to put a stop to it. When will the Democrats quit blaming President George W. Bush and take responsibility for their own actions? The Senate has been in Democratic hands since January 2007. The House was Democratic until this past January. The entire federal government was under Democratic control the first two years of President Obama. They could have done anything they wanted to do. What did the Democrats choose to do those first two years? Ram Obama care down the throats of the American public even though it was obvious the public was opposed and is even more opposed today as measured by every poll taken on the subject. That’s leadership? The oil companies, goodness do they make for a good target. I’m here not to defend oil companies, but do you want to create new good paying jobs, do you want increased revenue to the federal government, and do you want energy independence? If the answer is yes then let’s open ANWAR to drilling, let’s open new fields in the Gulf to drilling and let’s get the EPA off the back of American business and go about the business of creating jobs, creating more energy and getting off foreign oil. Finally, we need a new president. We need a leader who will restore the greatness of America. We need a conservative like Ronald Reagan who will inspire our great country to achieve its destiny to be the greatest experiment in democracy the world has ever seen. It can be morning in America again; we can be that shining light on the hill. Please Lamar County, think and pray carefully and elect a conservative to lead this nation again. Kent Kingsley, Author Gene Hardwick, Lamar County Republican Chairman Floyd Moye, Lamar County Republican Vice-Chairman

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