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Lamar woman wins $40 million lawsuit

Jessica Mundy of Lamar County has been award $40 million after winning a suit she brought against Ford Motor Co. and Legacy Ford in McDonough. Mundy alleged a faulty transmission in her Ford Explorer caused the vehicle to jump out of park and run over her. Mundy purchased the vehicle in 2004. The incident occurred in November, 2005 when she was 23 years old. In her suit, heard in DeKalb County, Munday claimed motorists put their shifters into park but that a design defect would cause Explorers and some Mercury Mountaineers to suddenly go into reverse. She said she got out of the Explorer to mail a package in McDonough and the vehicle ran her over fracturing her spine. Her attorney, Jeff Harris of Savannah, put three people on the stand who had had similar experiences. He said a confidential settlement agreement with Ford and Legacy had been reached. Mundy had this to say in an interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “It tells me that 12 people who don’t know me believe that I’m telling the truth. This doesn’t change anything that’s happened but I do have some sense of vindication knowing that there was something wrong with the car and it gives me peace of mind knowing that that was made clear.” Mundy, an accountant and former state employee, has been unable to work since the accident. The jury awarded her $30 million in punitive damages and $9 million in compensatory damages. Her husband was also awarded $1 million.

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