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Lazarus, the miracle dog, is aptly named

By Walter Geiger Local animal shelter committee members were cheered this holiday season when they received a Christmas card from Lazarus, the miracle dog. Lazarus, a chow mix, was mean, anti-social and ended up at the shelter in Newnan in early 2017. No one came to his rescue and Lazarus was euthanized by lethal injection. His body was placed in a bag and the bag into a freezer to await disposal at the landfill. The next morning those tasked with taking bodies to the landfill saw one bag was moving. Lazarus, indeed, arose from the dead. Animal advocates stepped in. ‘They told the folks in Newnan there was no way they were going to kill Lazarus again,’ noted local rescue expert Sandra Bray. ’Animal control officers are not as well trained at hitting veins as vets are. They probably missed the vein and the drugs went into the muscle instead. It is rare but not unheard of. I have seen it before,’ Bray said of the miracle. With his new lease on life, Lazarus was socialized through training and went to his forever family in Rhode Island by way of Bray’s colleague Jennifer Gordon in Connecticut The approximately two-year-old Lazarus was pictured on the Christmas card with his housemate Piper. ’He is a perfectly normal dog now. His family loves him and he is set for life – a life that was almost cut short,’ Bray concluded.

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