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One of several groups of eighth grade students to visit the Johnstonville School last week with their teacher Grant Turner. They are thought to be the first students to attend the school since 1945. (Photo: Walter Geiger)

LCMS students travel back in time

Eighth grade Georgia history students from Lamar County Middle School traveled back in time as the school year wound down when they took field trips to the Johnstonville Community Clubhouse which was once a schoolhouse. The trip was coordinated by history teacher Grant Turner.

The Johnstonville School, built in the Craftsman style, opened in 1915 and served students for 30 years. The LCMS students arrived by bus. Back in the day, most students walked or rode in a buggy to school.

Turner said he is attempting to weave Lamar County’s history together with Georgia history for his students.

“This has proven to be beneficial to the learning process as it makes the things we talk about more interesting. Intentionally focusing on local history has also made my students appreciate Lamar County in new ways,” Turner said.

Turner also taught a brief lesson in old school discipline from the days before detention, tribunals and alternative schools by displaying a paddle used to correct bad behavior in days gone by.

“Being in the old school was a great experience for the students. They were able to keep history alive as they made the clubhouse a school again for a day. To my knowledge, they are the first students welcomed by the Johnstonvillle School since 1945,” Turner concluded.

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