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Young Jordan Harden got to visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus Friday night during the Winter Wonderland extravaganza at Depot Plaza. Kids and adults enjoyed Santa and his sleigh, fake snow, tasty treats and hot chocolate. The event was organized by Heather Stanley. (Photo: Walter Geiger)

Letters to Santa proclaim good behavior and the desire for presents

Kids say (and write) the darnedest things and they can be at their best at deception when it comes time to compose that letter to Santa. As usual, this letters range from comical to maudlin.

Two six-year-old Barnesville boys, Samson Stevens and Hudson Barnett, admitted that they have been ‘really silly’ this year. Samson wants a Breath of the Wild, a Power Ranger sword and a bearded dragon. Hudson has a drone, Army truck and Transformer on his list.

Five-year-old Abel Shortt of Milner is proud of himself and likes big trucks. “This year I have been really amazing. I would really like it if you could bring me a remote car, Earth Shaker truck and a monster truck,” he wrote.

Honor Thomason, 6, of Barnesville took things a step further, writing, “This year I have been really angelic”. She wants a Squish Mallow, gum ball machine and a Furby.

“I am six years old (and) I am a sweet little girl in Mrs. Wilson’s class,” wrote Sarah Gordy. She wants a Nintendo Switch with Zelda, a baby doll with clothes and a pair of earrings. Claire Annabelle Raybould adopted a similar strategy. She wrote, “Thank you for all your hard work!. I have been a nice, sweet girls this year.” Her wish lists includes an LOL doll and baby, Lanky box Plushie and Flipamallows Squishy.

Asher Kennedy adopted the mantra of honesty is the best policy. The Milner five-year-old wrote, “This year I have had average behavior. It’s hard to be good all the time.” He would like to see Transformers, Power Rangers and video games under his family’s tree.

Evan Heaslett and Khaleeya Lee each promised to leave milk and cookies out for Santa. Carson Banks made the same pledge but added carrots for the reindeer to the menu.

A kid using the moniker T3 Lee also promised milk and cookies but added two unusual wishes writing, “(I want) to meet Donald Trump and finally I want to go to Arabia.”

The letters are overwhelmingly joyous but there is some sadness, too.

Finn B wrote, “I’d really like to spend Christmas with my entire family all together.” Ayden wrote, “I really want a nerf gun and to spend time with my parents.”

“I love my kindergarten teachers Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Underwood but sometimes I miss my mommy,” Elizabeth Chappell penned.

Hundreds of letters to the man in red from local kids are published in the 12.19.23 print edition of The Herald Gazette.

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