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Lithonia council resists Greenco

Greenco, the embattled composting company shut down late last year by a Lamar County court, has met a roadblock in its plans to move to a Lithonia quarry. *************** ©The Herald Gazette/ This information may not be reprinted, broadcast or distributed electronically in any form or fashion without express consent. For reprint permission, e-mail *************** Those plans got shot down by a group of residents who advise the DeKalb County commission. The District 5 Community Council, which makes recommendations on amending DeKalb’s comprehensive plan, rezoning, special land use permits and zoning code amendments, voted 6-0 against Greenco on Feb. 13. Meanwhile, the defunct composting site near the Lamar County landfill remains a rotting, smelly mess months after it complied with the cease and desist order. ’As far as I know nothing has changed here. I went out Thursday afternoon and the smell would take your breath away,’ said Lamar County code enforcement officer Wimpy Vaughn. ‘I also believe once they’ve been declared a nuisance by Lamar County, it’ll be hard to find a place to move to. It appears others are doing their homework.’ Zoning administrator Danny Gunter said he could not comment on other counties’ zoning applications. Greenco Environmental planned to move its composting operation from Barnesville to unincorporated Lithonia, setting up its operations 150 feet below ground level in an old rock quarry on Rock Mountain Road. As it does here, Greenco planned to collect food waste from schools, restaurants, hotels, manufacturers and grocery stores and, through a 90-day process, combine it with yard waste to create organic compost to be sold in bulk to farmers and manufacturers of bagged garden products. Greenco composted four million pounds of food waste from DeKalb County customers last year, company president Tim Lesko told the DeKalb Champion. ’Greenco is continuing with its application and will work to help local residents better understand what we do and how it’s a great thing for the environment.’ Greenco is still operating in Lamar County until May 11 or until Dekalb County Commission denies them.

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