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Local author’s biothriller getting rave reviews

Kevin Downs of Barnesville, 42, took the international stage when his book Spydentity ‘“ the first bio-industrial espionage cloning thriller to date ‘“ was recently published. ’The dangerous fusion of information and life sciences in a new millennium of uncertainty sets the stage for greed, betrayal, revenge, conspiracy, bio-industrial espionage and murder.  With Operation Spyclone at its backbone, Spydentity stirs a ‘˜Cyclone’ of international intrigue and is a page turner from cover to cover,” writes author and critic Nigil Bloom. In Downs’ thriller, after the mapping of the human genome the U.S. has an edge in the biotechnological race.  The reason is CanCel, a breakthrough cure for all cancers accidentally discovered by the U.S. via a cloning technique.  Increasingly easy bio-industrial espionage gives rise to a malevolent Bulgarian scientist and former KGB agent with a secret agenda. ”CanCel fuels a whole lot of greed in the story,” he said. The covert mission is Operation SPYCLONE, which stands for Secret Project Yielding Cloned Life for One Nations Empowerment. Upon the disappearance of U.S. agents and scientists in Sofia, the Department of Defense and CIA launches a counter-operation code-named SHADOWS (Special Hit and Assault Drive Operation for the pursuit of World Security).

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