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Local help needed to clear Adel’s tornado debris

Nearly six years after a devastating tornado tore through Grove Street in Barnesville, local citizens are heading down to help with recovery efforts after southern Georgia was struck hard by tornadoes. Niall Mathieson spent the weekend helping remove debris and fallen trees. Mathieson and his woodturning friend Richard Willets of Conyers are getting their chainsaws prepared for a full weekend of work. Anyone who would like to travel with them and help are invited to call 404-444-2671 and make plans. The two will be leaving Saturday morning and returning late Sunday. ’I know there is an enormous amount of damage down there and my plan is to go down and try to help. I was in charge of the Day of Service back when we had our tornado go through and we had probably 20 projects that were nothing more than cleaning up so this is close to my heart,’ said Mathieson. ‘I contacted the commissioner’s office in the county hardest hit and they directed me to a couple of places that desperately need chainsaw work done. The more who help, the better. There’s no question about that. I am most concerned with helping them remove the rubble. It sounds as though there is pretty drastic damage down there.’

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