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Local man arrested after trying to pull over state trooper

A 49-year-old Barnesville man was arrested March 25 after allegedly trying to pull over a state trooper who serves as head of security at the state capital on I-75 in Monroe County. According to an account in the Monroe County Reporter, Capt. Louis Young of the GSP called for help around 6:46 p.m. after a confrontation with Ken Taylor on Smith Road just off the interstate. Lt. Lawson Bittick of the MCSO arrived and immediately cuffed Taylor because he was so loud, charging him with disorderly conduct. Capt. Young reported he was driving in a state-issue, black Chevy Tahoe from the capital to his home in Forsyth when Taylor began tailgating him in a black Buick Lucerne. Taylor followed Young off the interstate at Johnstonville Road flashing his lights. Young finally turned on his flashing blue lights and stopped the Buick. He reported Taylor got out of his car and approached him in an aggressive manner and he pulled his service weapon, held it down at his side and ordered Young to stop. He complied. Young reported he asked Taylor for his license and Taylor replied, ‘I’m not showing you a f’”’”ing thing.’ Taylor said it all started because Young was speeding on the interstate and he was trying to pull over the trooper. Young said he was going about 78 mph. Bittick said his office gets lots of complaints about officers speeding because so many come there to the GPSTC. He also said his deputies don’t often stop people for running 78mph. on the interstate. Bittick charged Taylor with obstruction and aggressive driving. Further investigation revealed Taylor has multiple prior arrests and convictions for stolen property, according to Bittick. Taylor reported he is an an Army vet and was returning home from taking his neighbor, Vietnam vet Rennie Sullivan, to the VA hospital in Atlanta. He said he wanted to ask Young why he was endangering others and that he was talking to a GSP radio operator while trying to stop Young. Young told the Reporter that, in hindsight, he should have taken down Young’s license number and called authorities later.

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