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Local rescue takes in pups found zipped up in book bag

Life looks a lot better today than it did two weeks ago for nine puppies found zipped up in a black vinyl book bag and abandoned in downtown Griffin Sept. 26 during a record heatwave. A concerned citizen noticed the book bag wiggling amongst a pile of trash on the roadside near downtown and called 911. The pups were to young to be taken to the animal control facility in Griffin so Barnesville’s Dolly Goodpuppy rescue (DGP) was contacted. Despite an already overcrowded kennel, volunteers agreed to take the puppies in after they were checked out by a veterinarian. The pups arrived here after being treated for dehydration, anemia and parasites. They were determined to be nursing pups about three weeks old. The following day, Griffin police got another call to a home near where the puppies were found and found three dogs which had been abandoned when a tenant moved out. One was a very malnourished nursing female with no puppies. DGP was contacted with the news the mother of the puppies may have been found. ’The reunion was heartwarming and even a bit tearful. It was immediately obvious we had the mama. The pups immediately started nursing and the mama loving licked each one. It was almost like she was counting them, making sure all of her pups were there,’ DGP’s Pat Peurifoy said. The mama dog has been named Evie Grace which means brave, smart, spunky and kind. She remains malnourished but will make a full recovery in time. The pups are still very young but they, too, will be completely vetted, spayed or neutered, microchipped and available for adoption in a few months. You can support DGP and its rescue efforts and follow the saga of the Book Bag Pups at

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