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Local soldier says serving in U.S. Army new every day

By Kay S. Pedrotti Matthew Dyal of Milner, an Army trainee at Fort Huachuca, Ariz., for about six months, says military service ‘is what you make it ‘“ I find it’s something different every day and I like that.’ Dyal recently visited his parents, Fay Dyal and Mike and Sandy Dyal, and grandparents Wesley and Betty Wilson, in Milner. The banner outside the Dyal house has been cheered by local folks: ‘Welcome Home Matthew, Your Country Thanks You,’ complete with yellow ribbon and a photo of the 25-year-old. A 2006 graduate of Lamar County High School, Dyal set baseball records, was an honor student and played football for a while. His dad also went to Lamar High and was a star football player. Not wanting to leave Barnesville after high school, Matthew went to Gordon College and got associate degrees in psychology and history. Working part-time for UPS, he ‘earned the money to buy my first car.’ All the time, he said, ‘Something was telling me to join the Army. It was something I just wanted to do.’ Mother Fay says he was ‘legally blind without glasses,’ and so had to have Lasik surgery to be accepted. ’Everybody who knows him says he is a natural born leader,’ Fay says. A teacher at Lamar County primary school, Fay is justifiably proud of her son but a little apprehensive about the job he has chosen ‘“ Army intelligence. There will be times, she was told by the Army, ‘when we may not know where he is for several months.’ Matthew is now in the nine-week advanced intelligence training at Fort Huachuca, where he met his fiancee Katie Kosares of Miami. The two went to basic training in sideby- side platoons but did not meet until they got to Arizona. Katie is also in the advanced training, which both describe as ‘very intense.’ They have not yet set a wedding date nor decided whether the Army will be a lifetime career for either or both. Asked what advice they would give to young people wanting to be in the military, Katie says, ‘Start running now; you’ll do a lot of it.’ Matthew’s comment was, ‘It’s not what people think it is, because most people just hear the horror stories. You’ll like it. Every day is a new adventure.’

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