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Localized flooding from heavy rains receding

Most areas of Barnesville-Lamar County received between 4.5 to 5 inches of rain over the past 48 hours, resulting in localized flooding. The rain has now ended and waters are receding though creeks and ponds are overflowing. Many have remarked today the runoff is the greatest they have seen since the great flood of 1994. Lamar deputies reported problems on Old Highway 41 near its intersection with Highway 41 and along Steele and Perkins roads. Those problems are abating. Several minor traffic accidents were reported with one serious accident on I-75. Residents are warned to keep children away from swollen creeks because they can be swept away. The Flint River should also be avoided as it is rising by the minute. One reporting station near Molena reported a river level of 15.33 feet at 5 p.m. today. If you have a rain gauge, report your rainfall total in the comment thread accompanying this post.

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