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Lost your spark? Higher education has a job for you

By Walter Geiger In the advertising realm of my long-ago youth, I recall very few ads across any medium for pharmaceuticals. Sure, the makers of aspirin, Ex-Lax, Alka-Seltzer and various tonics pimped their products but they just hinted as to what your need for them might be. Constipation, hangovers and a lack of iron in the blood were not discussed in the media just as Ozzie and Harriet Nelson and Ricky and Lucy Ricardo never slept in the same bed. David and Ricky Nelson and Little Ricky Ricardo arrived via stork and we dealt with that reality until about 5th grade when the sketchy kid in the neighborhood filled us in on the facts of life. Flash forward to the present and it seems that two of every three ads is for some miracle drug aimed at some dire ailment. At the end of these ads, the various side effects of the new concoction are listed and it often seems they are far worse than the condition the drug is designed to treat. Many times the announcer reads, ‘In rare cases, the use of this product has caused death.’ People buy the stuff anyway. Perhaps it is just my age showing but it seems many of these ads are aimed at men who have lost their spark so to speak. There are all sorts of products ‘“ prescription and over the counter ‘“ out there now to help you get that spark back and no shortage of men at middle age and beyond willing to testify to their effectiveness. Now, higher education has a new job classification for men who have lost that spark, providing they are willing to let it go untreated. The snowflakes at Princeton University are advertising for a ‘˜men’s engagement manager’ to battle aggressive masculinity on campus. The successful applicant will work in the school’s Sexual Harassment/ Assault Advising, Resources and Education (SHARE) office. The office’s mission is to promote ‘˜an environment for healthy male social development by challenging belief systems and social constructs that contribute to violence’ and to address the so-called ‘˜rape culture’ on campus. Last time I checked, rape was a felony. Felonies should be the realm of campus police and the district attorney’s office if there is such an entity there in Princeton, N.J. The university disagrees and issued this statement designed to clarify its position, ‘Princeton’s program is consistent with established best practices that encourage both men and women to create and foster a culture in which there is no place for interpersonal violence’. Did that clarify the situation for you? It would appear Princeton is deigning to teach students what they should have learned at home. So many boys are being raised in homes now that have no father on the premises that perhaps this is a problem for some but it would seem that mothers would teach boys how they, as women, would want to be treated. This initiative is more politically-correct horse manure and Dan Gainor of the Media Research Center succinctly called the Ivy Leaguers out on it. ’Since when is it a university’s role to teach ‘˜healthy masculinity’? I doubt seriously that most Princeton academics have a clue what ‘˜masculinity’ really means,’ wrote Gainor who termed the effort ‘more lefty garbage trying to remake men so they are not men’. Now that guys are wearing skinny jeans and some even don those ridiculous jumpers, I suspect Gainor is swimming against the PC tide. You can bet that other academic institutions will follow Princeton’s lead. In doing so, they will create an entire cottage industry for men suffering from low T and those born without a trace of it in their systems who are not already on university faculties. Walter Geiger is editor and publisher of The Herald Gazette.

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